Configuration - Widget Positions

in eXpansion it is possible to configure widget’s positions. You can configure different positions for each game mode.

The configurations must be put in the app/config/expansion.yml file.

    # You can configure custom positions for widgets here.
      MyVendor\Bundle\MyBundle\Plugins\Gui\MyWidgetFactory: # Id of the widget service
        TM: # Game/Title it's compatible with (ALL to use it on all gamemodes)
          ALL: # The game mode to apply he config for. (Example : Script)
            ALL: # The script mode to apply the config for. (Example "TimeAttack.Script.txt")
              posX: 80
              posY: -85
              options: # Additional values, check the widgets documentation.
                test: "test value"

If you wish to change the position of a widget and can’t find it here please contact us. We either forget to add it to the the documentation or forgot to properly declare the widget.

Best Checkpoints

  • Id : eXpansion\Bundle\WidgetBestCheckpoints\Plugins\Gui\BestCheckpointsWidgetFactory
  • Custom Options : none

Best Records

  • Id : eXpansion\Bundle\WidgetBestRecords\Plugins\Gui\BestRecordsWidgetFactory
  • Custom Options : none

Current Map

  • Id : eXpansion\Bundle\WidgetCurrentMap\Plugins\Gui\CurrentMapWidgetFactory
  • Custom Options : none

Custom UI :

Custom Speed Widget

There are 2 versions of the widget :

  • Id : eXpansion\Bundle\CustomUi\Plugins\Gui\CustomSpeedWidget
  • Custom Options : none

And one for SM :

  • Id : eXpansion\Bundle\CustomUi\Plugins\Gui\CustomSMSpeedWidget
  • Custom Options : none

Custom Checkpoint Widget

  • Id : eXpansion\Bundle\CustomUi\Plugins\Gui\CustomCheckpointWidget
  • Custom Options : none