Using admin chat commands

eXpansion 2 admin commands uses mostly dedicated methods names, but there are also aliases.
Admin syntax’s are:

//command "parameter 1" "parameter 2"
/adm command  "parameter 1" "parameter 2"
/admin command  "parameter 1" "parameter 2"

Where command is the command or alias you wish to run.

Parameter handling differs from previous version of expansion. If you have spaces in your parameters, you need to surround the parameter with ". This way you can for example unset server password.

//password ""
//name "$fffMy Cool $0f0Stadium $fffServer"

Default Admin commands

Command Parameters Description
name 1 - name sets new server name
comment 1 - comment sets new comment
password 1 - pass set or unset password
specpass 1 - password set or unset spectator password
planets 0 show in game planets
server 0 opens server settings dialog
script 0 opens script settings dialog
Command Parameters Description
ignore 1 - login ignore player
unignore 1 - login unignore player
kick 2 - login, reason kick player with reason
ban 2 - login, reason ban player
unban 1 - login unban player
banlist 0 show banlist
cleanbanlist 0 clear banlist
black 2 - login, reason blacklist player
unblack 1 - login unblacklist player
blacklist 0 show blacklist
saveblacklist 0 saves blacklist
loadblacklist 0 loads blacklist
cleanblacklist 0 clear banlist
addguest 1 - login add player to guest list
removeguest 1 - login remove player from guest list
guestlist 0 show guestlist
saveguestlist 0 save guestlist
loadguestlist 0 save guestlist
Command Parameters Description
res, restart,restartmap 0 restarts map immediately
skip, next, nextmap 0 skips to next map immediately
shuffle 0 randomize map list
load 1 - filename load matchsettings
save 1 - filename save matchsettings