Welcome to the eXpansion developer documentation.

Surprising as it might like our non finished version of eXpansion2 has more documentation & cookbooks then eXpansion1.

We are going to try and keep the documentation clean & up-to-date for you guys to create awesome plugins! …I mean Awesome Bundles! eXpansion2 is based on the Symfony framework and uses steeffeen’s Fancy Manialink’s to handle UI knows as manialinks.

If you are not yet familiar with symfony components, please take a good look to the following concepts:

This documentation is separated in multiple parts.

  1. The first part we will see how a eXpansion bundles work. It’s very similar to symfony but we a few changes on how game events are dispatched.
  2. In the second part the documentation will elaborate on various services you might need to use to create a bundle.
  3. And finally the last “cookbook” part will give examples in order to explain exactly how to do things.