Admin Groups

The Admin Groups allows having various admin groups with players in them, each group having different permissions.

The Admin groups functionality of expansion will place each player in a certain group, player that has no privileges will be put in the guest group.

Difference to eXpansion1 - A player can only be in one Admin group.

Admin Groups Helper

  • Autowire: TRUE This service can be autowired into your services.
  • Class: eXpansion\Framework\AdminGroups\Helpers\AdminGroups

Allows to check if a player has certain permissions, to which admin group a player belongs, and get player groups in order to display widgets for each admin group.

Method Description  
getUserGroups Get list of all admin user groups, with the guest user group as well.  
getLoginUserGroups Get the user group a certain player is.  
  String $login The login of the user to get the user group of.  
hasPermission Check if a certain player has a certain permission  
  String $login The login of the user to check the permission for.  
  String $permission The permission to check for. ser group of.
hasGroupPermission Check if a certain group has a certain permission  
  String $groupName The name of the group to check permissions for.  
  String $permission The permission to check for.  

This helper can be used in your windows factories or any other place you need to check permissions for. You should not need to use this for chat commands as they will handle their permissions automatically.

Admin Chat Commands.

This component also allows the creation of admin chat commands. In order to do this we will simply use eXpansion\Framework\AdminGroups\Model\AbstractAdminChatCommand instead of eXpansion\Framework\Core\Model\ChatCommand\AbstractChatCommand

When creating chat command using this class we our commands will automatically be prefixed with admin. So if we register a restart command it will actually work with /admin restart and not just /restart.

It will also register aliases so that /adm restart works as well. Like normal chat commands you can also register aliases. Lihe the command line if you register res as alias you are going to have /admin res & /adm res work. . Finally when registering a AdminChatCommand you must register the permission needed for a user to use the command.


        class: eXpansion\Bundle\AdminChat\ChatCommand\Restart
        parent: expansion.admin_chat.chat_command.base
            - "restart" # The chat commend to have /admin restart work
            - "restart" # The permission needed by the player to use the chat command. 
            -  ['res', 'restartmap'] # The aliases registered with this chat command.
            - '@eXpansion\Framework\AdminGroups\Helpers\AdminGroups' # The admin chat commands requires the admin groups helper, this can be autowired !!